Review 2019: My Impression from a Service

While surfing the web, you may find numerous websites offering academic help. It may look suspicious: the prices at most services are too low while they guarantee the highest quality. It rarely works this way: usually, good quality is worth high money. However, the truth is it is possible to find an essay writing service which offers good quality for the acceptable price.

I am one of those students who decided to test various writing services on my own to find the best solution to my homework assignments and share my findings with other students looking for help. I initially faced a few fake websites that did not even manage to return my money for the really poor quality. I had to rewrite the entire papers to save the situation. As a result, I realized that I should rather search for trustworthy service with affordable prices and high quality instead of the websites that have the lowest prices.

Still, even some services with the highest prices may be not as good as they promise. I have finally discovered the service which corresponded to all of my expectations. My first question was, “Is a good service?” I decided to study it in-depth before placing an order. I realized that testimonials and examples of essays could be fake, so I was looking for more information. For example, I have read a detailed review from the independent experts on a website that specializes in academic writing services. That website publishes objective reviews only, and it is not selling papers itself. Thus, they are not competing with other academic companies, and that is why you can always find some good reviews there.

I have read numerous reviews before making the final decision. In those reviews, the authors were praising the service, providing it with the high ratings. Many real users shared their impressions and comments under those Same Day Essay reviews too. I realized that a bad company would never receive so many positive comments.

Then, I analyzed the testimonials published on the service’s official website. They publish both positive and negative comments, so they are not hiding the truth from their clients, and that is something I appreciated.

There were just a couple of bad comments, and, as I explored the case, it appeared to me that it was the customer’s fault. The company tries to solve any disputes in the most friendly way, but clients are still their top priority. That is why they have no problems with returning money even if the writer is not guilty. However, that is the primary advantages of this service if you are a customer. I had no issues with my orders, so I did not request a full refund.
After analyzing different Same Day Essay reviews, testimonials from users, and numerous examples of papers, I decided to test the service on my skin. I will share my impressions in this review. It is based on my own experience with this company.

Is It the Best Essay Writing Service in the United States?

That is the first question that I asked myself. I believe that there is no such thing as the best as different people are looking for different qualities, but I can say that this service is the best one for me as it helped me to survive my college years. This samedayessay review may sound too positive, but I did not have any problems with this service or its writers, so that is why you can trust my words
I am one of those busy students who often experience troubles with studying as I do not have enough time for my homework. I study in college, and I have a part-time job along with other responsibilities, so I could not carry it out on my own. I was looking for a bit of help, and I have finally found it! After reading this review, you will understand why I have chosen this particular service out of all. Here are the top reasons to select this company:

  • Experienced English-speaking writers
  • Always prompt delivery
  • Very high quality of works
  • prices – they are pretty good
  • Friendly staff and customer support 24/7

As I have mentioned prices, and that is one of the most sensitive topics to every student, I would like to focus on them and Same Day Essay discounts. Learn more below.

The Range of Prices and Discounts at Same Day Essay Service

Above, I have admitted that a high-quality product or service can never be very cheap. That is why I cannot say that samedayessay is the cheapest service I have ever seen. Compared to some other writing companies that are also in the top list, however, this agency has established affordable fees. The initial price per page of an essay is still below the market average. Taking into account Same Day Essay coupon codes do work, the total price you will pay will not seem as scary as you might think. I was worried about the same thing at first, but I estimated that I saved more with this website than I could with other similar services.

It appears that the prices start at $14,90 per page if you order a paper of a high-school level to be done in 20+ days. As you can see, the urgency and complexity level defines the price (as well as the length of a paper, of course). Also, a samedayessay discount code has a huge impact. On the whole, the local promo codes allow obtaining up to 15% off. That is a very nice deal. Besides, as a customer, I receive all the hot news about the company’s special offers. I hope that this mini samedayessay prices review will help you to choose the best service in terms of pricing.

Wish to Check My Words? Place Your Own Order Then

If you have no time to finish reading this review as your deadline is coming soon, you may give it a try and place an order now. It is the best way to check whether I am telling the truth, and you can trust this service.

When I was placing my first order on this website, I was hesitating all the time as my previous experiences with analogical websites was adverse. I remained unhappy with what I got, and, moreover, no one returned me my money. In this case, if you ask, “Is Same Day Essay safe enough,” I will say, “Yes.” You can always count on the money-back guarantee, so you risk losing nothing. Without buying a custom essay on this website, you will never find out how good they are. Sure, I cannot say that all of the local writers are equally good as I faced only several of them out of more than a thousand, but it could not be a coincidence: each of the authors provided me with the excellent-quality product.

I think that this company hires only professional writers who possess the skills necessary to complete academic assignments of any level. That is why I am writing this Same Day Essay review.

Evaluating the Design of Same Day Essay Website

Is Same Day Essay trustworthy? Believe it or not, but even the design of a company’s website can tell a lot about its goods and services, including how reliable it is. I realize that design and navigation do not always correspond to the service quality, but not this time. I tend to immediately leave websites with an ugly design, grammar mistakes in content, lack of explanation or instructions, and navigation that is not user-friendly. In the case of Samedayessay, I decided to stay.
The design does not contain too many details, but the website is easy to read. It has a single huge banner that contains the primary information, and that makes it possible to understand what the service offers from the first few lines. It is easy to reach the support team as well as other representatives of this company as the contact buttons are highlighted, and they are big enough to be noticeable.

I also enjoyed that the website does not offer too much text to read. I wish to see only the basic points when I observe websites that offer online services. The quality of content is also just fine – it is unique and free of mistakes. That is why I decided that I could trust the local writers.

The website also offers a convenient online calculator. Users do not have to guess the price or estimate it on their own. Once I completed the field of a questionnaire with the required details, my price popped up, and it was very comfortable. So, the design of the website provides the best answer to the question of every potential customer, “Is samedayessay reliable?” Companies that trick students or are not legit have worse deigns and navigation. I agree that the website may lack images, but it still offers everything necessary to know about the company’s services.

Payment Methods Available at SameDayEssay

Is legit? If you have this question, you may judge by looking at the payment methods available on the website of this service. I have personally noticed that illegal services usually offer suspicious payment methods or unrecognizable payment systems. In the case of Samedayessay, you can see them all on the
homepage. The company offers the following ways to pay for the essays, and they are all well-known and secure:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

It is possible to negotiate on another payment method, but, as for me, these three seems more than enough. I would not risk choosing another system as I have always worked only with Visa. The payment procedure itself is super fast and simple. You will be guided by the team’s instructions. In case of any problems, I recommend contacting the local support. They react to financial issues immediately.

The team starts working on a paper only after it receives your money, but they promise to release the funds to the writer only once your order is finished. I believe it motivates the writers to work hard. On the whole, I did not experience any problems when paying for my order, and I believe you will not face them too.

Services That the Local Team Offers

One of the main goals of my samedayessay review is to discuss and evaluate the services that it offers. The first thing that I can say is that each paper I received was of the top quality and written from scratch even though I did not manage to try all the services – they have plenty of them! In any case, I found everything I needed on this website.
The company offers both a great variety of academic papers and services. Among all samedayessay services, I can recall and name:

  • Proofreading
  • Custom writing
  • Editing
  • Original essay
  • Literature review
  • Coursework
  • Thesis statement
  • Book review
  • Laboratory report
  • Thesis
  • Speech and presentation
  • Business report
  • Movie review
  • Dissertation
  • Essay Rubric
  • Term paper
  • Article review
  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Dissertation
  • Case study

If you wonder about the specific disciplines, the local team helped me even with my business and computer science project. Thus, I believe that they can assist with any academic subject and type of project. They also write papers in all possible citation formats: from APA to Harvard and Turabian.

In my review for, I should also admit that the company offers help even with application documents. They can write an admission essay, cover letter, or job resume to help win the selection process.

Learn How to Place Order on SameDayEssay Website

Samedayessay is it reliable? Once you get the answer to this and other questions that may disturb you, you will most probably move to the ordering process, which is made of several simple steps. I did not spend more than a couple of minutes on every order. Here are the steps I have taken:

  • Fill out the suggested order form
  • Proceed with payment
  • Wait for the writer to be assigned
  • Monitor the process and progress
  • Download the ready paper
  • Check the order

If you wonder which details to mention, do not worry as the order form has it all for you. You will see the necessary questions, and I recommend sharing as many instructions and details as possible to get the most accurate and satisfying result. I have also attached my examples of writing to some orders to let the writer mimic my style. I was worrying if the tutor would feel that I was not the one to complete that piece, but everything was fine.

It is a great opportunity that you can watch the entire process from A to Z. it is easy to chat with the assigned writer. Oh, and one more thing: do not forget to use Same Day Essay promo code to get a discount for your order!

Who Will Write Your Papers?

In all reviews on samedayessay, you may find more about the local writers. For example, you can discover why so many students choose them and how the company selects its writers. I would share my impressions as well as what I managed to find out from the company’s staff.

Before placing an order, I have studied the materials carefully. I have also contacted the team to find out more about the recruiting process and samedayessay writers in general. It appeared that all of the local writers are experts with more than five years of experience in academic writing and education on the whole.

The local writers guarantee rocket-fast delivery. At first, it scared me as I believed that it is impossible to write an essay in one day. However, after my first order, I realized that it’s real if the writer possesses enough experience and skills. I was impressed when I obtained my urgent essay in five hours! At the same time, the team explained that they would need more time for longer projects like research papers. So, they do not lie to their customers.

My impression from every writer is highly positive. I got all the proofs that Same Day Essay writing service hires only certified ENL writers.

Is It Possible to Make Changes into the Completed Work?

Students want to learn more about the company’s financial guarantees when asking something like, “Is Same Day Essay legit?” The company does its best to carry out each paper at the highest level, but, sometimes, it faces certain force majeure situations with its writers. Everything can happen, so the service added several financial guarantees such as revisions and full refund.

Free unlimited amendments are available for one month after the delivery of your order. I used this option only once as I wanted the writer to add one more paragraph. He did not notice one question from the first time, but he managed to fix the situation, and I still got my paper on time.

Are Samedayessay Papers Fully Original?

“Is Same Day Essay reliable?” When I first asked myself this question, I was thinking about uniqueness and overall quality of the essays they sell. I always feared to face plagiarism as my teachers are all very strict about it. If they detect duplicate content in the works of their students, they “reward” such students with failing grades with no right to re-submit the assignment.

That is why I always check whether the service offers papers written from scratch. I know how to scan texts for plagiarism; I know both paid and free sources. After the delivery of my first order from SameDayEssay, I have checked the paper using plagiarism detecting tool even though the writer sent me a free plagiarism report. I tried all available plagiarism detectors, and some of them showed 98% uniqueness, and the rest displayed 100% result! In an academic environment, 95% and higher is an acceptable score in most cases.

Moreover, every piece was written according to all of my requirements, even the least significant ones. Only scammers sell plagiarized papers or re-sell those written for previous customers, and it damages their reputation a lot. Is scam? Now, I know the answer to this question for sure!

Quality of Communication and Customer Service

The next very important thing to discuss in brief is customer service. I always used to think that having a professional, responsive, and tolerant customer support is half the battle when it comes to online services. Like many others, I hate spending hours in a waiting line. That is why I would never use a service that makes me nervous, forcing me to wait plenty of time.

I think that a good client care service should operate around-the-clock, without any days off, breaks, or delays. It seems that the company has hired plenty of support reps to work by shifts. They typically reply within a minute or two. In my case, the representative of Same Day Essay support replied to me within less than a minute, and she sounded very polite and friendly. When I asked about the service, she provided me with a detailed answer. The local staff knows everything about the company. That is why they can help with any issue immediately.

So, the local customer support team works 24/7/365. It helps to find out more information about the company, solve disputes, and fix any financial issues. I remained completely satisfied with the work of this department!

How to Find out What Other People Think about SameDayEssay

What is Same Day Essay? If you believe that you do not possess enough information yet or wish to hear the opinions of other students who used it, the best idea is to review testimonials. This section contains feedback of the previous users, no matter whether they remained happy or not. The company seems sincere to me as it publishes all the comments, including the negative ones.

I would not say that I have found many negative messages. Most of the customers seem to be satisfied and thankful for what these guys do. To find out whether they delete messages or not, I decided to share three opinions: a positive one, a neutral one, and a negative one. I was surprised to see that all three were soon posted in the testimonials section. It means that the service does not remove comments.

It looked to me that real users wrote all testimonials. I have even met one of the satisfied clients just like me on the website that posted reviews about writing services, and we agreed that SameDayEssay is the company that students can trust. That is why samedayessay rating is so high!

Wish to Learn More about Company’s Promo Codes?

If you want to learn how to use samedayessay coupon to get a discount, you should follow the instructions while completing the order form and paying for your order. That is exactly what I did to get my discounts. They were not huge for the first couple of papers, but when I became a loyal customer, I obtained a 15% discount. This team is very generous as I have never received such attractive offers!

There is nothing special you should do to obtain a promo code from SameDayEssay team. It is enough to make your first purchase, and they will send the code to you immediately. Also, I recommend spending a few more minutes and register. As a registered user, you will receive all the special offers and other news to your email directly. I am the one who signed up from the first day of usage, and I am ready to persuade you that you will not get any spam or viruses from this website. They send only valuable information like coupons that you can use to pay for papers less or special and seasonal offers.

This company is full of surprises and bonuses for every customer. You can find the proofs in other samedayessay reviews as well!

The Way Bonus System Works

I want to add a few more words about bonuses as that is the subject of interest of many students and potential customers. Even if you order an assignment at the last minute, you can still count on the loyalty bonuses and discounts. Both first-time buyers and returning customers of Same Day Essay service have a chance to get a favorable discount.

Once again, it is better to be a registered user than simply a guest. The company sends no spam, and their emails are the best way to find out about the recent special offers and bonuses. The bonus system works well, and it is possible to save up to 15% on each order!

Is It Possible to Get a Refund?

I hope that this review answers your questions, “Does work?” I can say it one more time: not only the service works, but works perfectly! I am sure that it serves all of its clients excellently, and I am living proof. The company has no problems with returning your money, but you can count on a full refund only in these cases:

  • Missed deadline/late paper
  • Low quality (grammar mistakes, improper vocabulary, etc.)
  • Duplicate content (plagiarism)
  • Failure to meet your requirements or instructions

If the writer ignores you for some reasons, contact support. I did it when I had a similar problem, and the support rep got my writer back on the line, and we solved the urgent issues. I did not ask for refund personally like all of the papers I have ordered great. I used to buy essays, research papers, and even my Doctoral dissertation from these guys as I trust and appreciate them!

Thus, I recommend using requesting revisions before asking for your money back. After all, you pay nothing for revisions if you manage to order them during the first month after the delivery. I used this option, and it worked!

I hope that this is one of the samedayessay reviews you will find useful. Also, I am sure that you will remain happy with the quality of local services, and you will obtain more free time for things different from your academic assignments!