A Detailed Expert-Writers.Net Review 2019

For a college student, sometimes you might find yourself in a position whereby you need assistance with your academic tasks. There might be several reasons, such as lack of time, close deadlines, laziness, and even stress. Hence you might find yourself looking for solutions online from professional writing services. However, not all can be trusted. That is why I have prepared this expert-writers review. As a previous client, I intend to help you answer the question, is expert-writers.net a good service.

About Expert-Writers.Net: Does This Company Work?

First, what is Expert-Writers? This is an online writing service that assists students with their academic tasks at a fee. This service has been around for about ten years, and they have established themselves in the market since its launch. How does expert-writers.net work? When I needed my paper, all I had to do was search for the help online, and they appeared on the first pages. I recognized that expert-writers rating was quite good, so I clicked. When I got to their page, I navigated to their order placement page, placed my order, paid for the work, and then they sent the document with my completed order. They are a very straight forward service. So, is expert-writers.net legit? This depends on the meaning taken by the word. What makes expert-writers legit is the fact that they deliver what they advertise. I went through a number of their guarantees before placing my order, such as Their timely delivery, guarantee to deliver high-quality work and also the safety of transactions.

My paper was delivered within 48 hours as I had specified, and when I went through it, I realized that they had very qualified writers. There were no common errors in the work, and the content provided was good quality. Is expert-writers safe? One of the most important features of their service is the fact that they ensure complete confidentiality for their clients. This is quite commendable since no student would want their professor tracing the assignment back to the service. When I got my paper, I realized that when I used the search engine to search my order, it was not traced back to their service. Furthermore, their use of HTTPs ensured that my data was safe from any unauthorized access.

Some expert-writers.net reviews I have seen compliment that all their papers are written from scratch. With their service, a client cannot receive work that has been previously delivered to another. From some of the previous services I have used, I received plagiarized work. This meant that either, they just forwarded work they gave to a previous client with a few changes, or they never really conducted a plagiarism check. I came to realize that one of the key reasons that make expert-writers reliable is the fact that they ensure that papers are 100% plagiarism free. I was quite impressed by the results of their plagiarism report. I even conducted my plagiarism test, and as it turns out, the work was completely original. This service has very favorable pricing.

Furthermore, with my expert writers coupon, I was able to receive a 5% reduction in price on top of other discounts. When it comes to customer service, there are very few that can match the professionalism I witnessed with this expert writers. With some of the previous services, there was either delay in responses, rudeness, and, mostly, dealing with programmed answers on the live chat, which can be disheartening. In the next sections of this expert writers review, I have provided more details of the various aspects of their service. I intend to enable you to be able to answer the question, “Is expert-writers reliable for students?

Their Great Website Design

Expert Writers has by far one of the best designs I have seen for a writing service. They have made it very easy for clients to use the minimal time to navigate to get to what they are looking for. When I first got to their website, I was greeted with a cool background that is quite favorable to the eyes. The arrangement of their website provided a very neat look that made navigation very easy.

From the top, I realized that they had placed all the important information that I need to decide whether I would place the order. First, they have their contact information indicated. Then there is a process button, and when you click it, you are dragged down to the process of placing the order. There are also the buttons for the writers and also reasons why section that provides the advantages. This structure made it easy for me since I did not even have to scroll down to make my decision.

One of the most prominent components of their page is the cost calculator. They have it on the top third of the page. This means that I was able to calculate the cost of my paper without even having to go to the order page. I already knew what it would cost by the time I was filling out the order form.

On scrolling down, all the different sections were well spaced, and it made it very essay to skim through the content. This means that even clients who are in a rush can easily go through the content and decide whether they will order from. The fact that they expert-writers.net testimonials are well placed on their homepage was very convenient for me since I was able to see what other clients had to say about them.

The Services They Offer

Expert writers deal with several different services. The most common one is writing. They write papers such as essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, case studies, assignment, book reviews, journals, annotated bibliographies, and complete dissertations or chapters. I was also able to select the subject of my paper from a list of over 50, which means that they deal with a great variety of subjects. Apart from writing papers for the student, other expert-writers services include:

  • Proofreading services whereby you can have your paper checked for errors and improved I terms of language and grammar.
  • Editing service that is a deep analysis of the paper, to remove errors and also improve the quality of the work in terms of content and the language used.
  • Formatting services, whereby, a client’s paper gets formatted according to the specifications such as MLA APA or Harvard formats.
  • Powerpoint presentations for clients that includes speaker notes
  • Help with programming and also design assignments
  • Creating lab reports for students on a variety of subjects
  • Tackling Calculations for different courses.
  • Any form of application writing such as application essays, cover letters or personal statements

How to Place Your Order

Different Expert Writers reviews will agree that this service has a very convenient order process. They have made it very easy for clients to get the assistance they need. When I was placing their order, I started by calculating the price of my paper using the cost calculator they have provided. Once I got the figure, all I had to do was click on the process button to figure out the steps. They have clearly outlined all the steps to their process. They have divided the process into four steps. First, I filled out the order form containing detail about the order. Then, a writer was assigned to me to handle the task. There was an option to select my preferred writer if I was not impressed by the assigned. After this, there was the payment stage whereby I used the specified methods to make the transaction, and finally, the last step is waiting for the completion of the paper. I was also able to track the progress of my paper by logging in.

Their order process was very straight forward. Furthermore, I did not have to go through any complex sign up to place my order. This saved me much time, and I am sure that clients in a hurry can benefit from this. All I had to do was leave my email, and an account was created on my behalf. They then sent the details for login, and once I logged in, later on, I could track my order and other great functions.

This site has made the process of getting what you want very easy while also ensuring that you properly specify your order. The different slots in the order process were easy to fill, and they narrowed down the nature of my paper such that I would get the paper I wanted to the detail.

The Company’s Professional Writers

The option to select the writer to fulfill my order was quite encouraging. They have a detailed list of writers on their page that clients can choose from. One of the impressive facts about the service is that they have over 1200 writers that one can choose from. Their writers are specialized in different subjects, and for my order, I had several choices that were all admirable.

This service has a very strict process of hiring their writers. They perform vetting on the candidates, which are quite thorough. They check the educational background to ensure they are well qualified to handle the tasks. Furthermore, the candidates are tested on language, against time and also proficiency in their chosen fields. The successful candidates are then trained for two weeks, and then they become writers. My writer had an amazing language. This was quite clear on the paper and also while I communicated with them.

Furthermore, my instructions were all followed. From the list of writers, I recognized that a great number of expert-writers.net writers have Masters Degrees and some even PhDs. This means that students on higher levels of university education can entrust their complex dissertations and become assured of good work.

Place Your Order and Ascertain the Quality

The best way to truly verify the quality of this service is by placing your order. Several reviews on expert-writers from clients might be helpful, but when you are looking for long time service, getting your own experience is the best way to go. From what I experienced with this service, I can deduct that expert writers.net is one of the few services in the market that genuinely care about the clients. This means that they recognize that their clients are students who have a lot to deal with academically, and therefore, they want to help ease the burden by making it easy for clients to acquire their services. Expert-writers is it reliable when it comes to quality? Well, I scored an A in my paper, so I trust them when it comes to quality. This service has a very keen quality assurance department. They analyze all papers completed by their writers to ensure that they are free of errors and that they are of good academic quality. This service has a financial guarantee that is based on quality. They aim at ensuring that their clients are worry-free by producing good quality work and making it easy to work with them in the future. So, you have to place your order and be the judge

Why You Should Choose Expert-Writers.Net

Expert Writers ranks among the most accomplished writing services in the US currently. Several expert-writers reviews will reiterate that the service provides great value for money. This service has some amazing attributes that make it one of the best options for students, such as:

  • Good pricing with discounts available
  • No plagiarism
  • Full confidentiality
  • Free revisions
  • A good refund policy
  • Great customer service
  • You do not need to sign up to acquire services
  • They deal with a variety of subjects
  • Well qualified writers who are natives
  • Fast completion of work which makes emergency orders with at least 3-hour deadlines possible

The Reliability of Payment Methods

Payment is one of the most crucial processes of any transaction. With Expert writers, payment has been made to be safe. After I completed placing my order and was ready to make the payment, they provided several options that I could use to make the transaction for the service. It is quite commendable to see that the methods that were provided are known to be quite reliable. There have been several complaints in terms of online payments that were mostly attributed to trusting the wrong methods to pay, which has resulted in the loss of funds for clients. Any expert-writers.net review will tell you that the service values the safety of its clients. Therefore, they only collaborate with safe payment methods. The methods they allow include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. These methods are reliable in that clients’ transactions are secure.

Furthermore, the payment does not need much time to reflect. I made my payment, and within no time, my task was assigned to the writers. With these methods, clients can have good records of their transactions. Client information is also guaranteed to be confidential during the transactions, which help in reducing the risk of fraud to the client.

Making Changes into a Completed Work

As a student, sometimes you might submit the work to the instructors, and then the instructor demands some extra changes on the task. This can put one in a very difficult situation. Most of the services I have acquired papers from are very rigid when it comes to revisions. They do not allow a change in instructions. However, this service is very flexible, according to multiple reviews. They are reliable in such a situation because they allow changes to already completed orders. Furthermore, this service will make the changes at no extra charges, which are quite favorable for clients with complex orders such as dissertations.

Strict Plagiarism Policy for Authentic Papers

Plagiarism is quite risky in the current times. It is easily detectable these days, and hence, students have to be extra careful. Traces of plagiarism can lead to hefty penalties, especially when dealing with application essays or any crucial paper a student submits. This means that clients have to be assured that the service they select will be able to provide 100% plagiarism free work. Is expert-writers trustworthy on plagiarism? Yes, they are. While I was placing my order, plagiarism was also one of my concerns. It can damage a student’s reputation to submit plagiarized work. I came across a box to tick that opted me to receive a plagiarism report. I checked it and completed my order. When the work arrived, it had the plagiarism report attached. It was completely original. This is one of the reasons that compelled me to believe that this service recognizes the position students are in currently. Expert writers.net wants clients to worry-free when turning in their papers completely. Also, by producing high-quality original work, they provided clients with time to deal with other tasks. I was confident when submitting my paper. This service is by far the best I’ve seen deliver a 100% unique paper.

Communication and Customer Service

The level of customer service can tell a lot about any company. It is quite similar to online services. Expert-writers.net customer service is amazing. The first thing I realized is that their live chat is fast, and I received responses almost immediately. Also, it was a human being on the other end and not programmed responses. This made it easy to get the answers I needed before placing my order.

There is also the amazing fact that the service is 24/7. I was able to contact their customer support and receive answers at different times of the day. There was a person ready to help me at each of these times. Also, I realized that I was communicating with different individuals at different times. This meant that expert-writers support consists of several people, and hence, there are no waiting periods. Also, the customer support people are very nice and calm to their customers. They are highly professional, and even when clients portray signs of rudeness, they will remain calm and try to get to the root of the problem. The fact that I was able to communicate with my writer is also a great bonus. I was able to provide some specific instructions.

The Company’s Prices Review

Any expert-writers prices review will indicate that they are very lenient with their pricing. This is especially convenient for students since you normally do not have a lot to spend on such a service. This service understands this fact, and they have made an effort to ensure that more clients can be able to afford their services. For one, expert-writers.net prices are calculated using the cost calculator. It considers factors such as the deadline, the level of the paper, and the fair length.

The service has also provided some various ways for clients to acquire price reductions for their papers. A good example is expert-writers coupon codes. Clients also receive several discounts with this service. One of them is the first timer expert-writers discount code given to clients for placing their first order. There are also holiday discounts to be acquired during the holidays. Expert-writers discounts are quite generous and may earn as high as 15% reductions in price.

There are also expert-writers.net promo codes that clients can acquire and key in during checkout to get reductions on papers. I was able to acquire and 10 % price reduction on my order after using an expert writers promo code.

How Bonus System Works

This service values customer loyalty. Therefore, apart from the use of discounts, promo codes, and coupons, they have another way of rewarding loyal clients. This is through their bonus system. Here is how it works. When a client places a consecutive order, they are awarded a 5% bonus. This bonus is seen when you log in. The bonus cannot be withdrawn as cash by the client. Instead, the client can use it to pay for part of the next order they will place. This means that the bonus will be used as 5% of the total money of the previous order, and the client will have to pay for the remaining.

Interestingly, clients can also compile their bonuses as they continue placing orders up to the point whereby you can pay for a complete order using only bonuses. Also, with enough bonuses, clients can place orders using bonuses and complete their payment later on when the order is completed. As you can see, this service puts some effort in improving customer experience. Using bonuses to pay for orders as a regular client was easy. It meant that I did not have to go back to using the payment methods. The bonus system is real and not an expert-writers.net scam, and it is beneficial to clients in the long run.

A Sensible Refund Policy

Sometimes refunds can be necessary. This is because there might be a difference in opinion between clients and writers in a few cases. Therefore, a client might have to request a refund from a service. What I realized about expert writers.com is that they are willing to accept refunds for clients with reasonable claims. Their refund policy is quite reasonable. For one, a client can receive a refund in case the writers did not completely follow their instructions. Also, if the work does not meet the expected quality, (which is rare), a client will receive their refund. Any cancellations of the order will also result in a refund.

Some writing services frustrate clients who demand refunds to avoid paying them. One of the services that I had previously used made me settle for multiple revisions for my paper while I asked for refunds. The work did not improve. It got to a point where I had to request PayPal to strong-arm them to provide my refund. What I realized with Expert writers is that they will only ask if you are sure of the decision and even suggest refunds, but if you are firm on the stance, they will grant it willingly. I hope my review for expert-writers.net has been of assistance in helping you realize that they can be trusted.